Being a mom is a roller coaster ride

Being a mom is a roller coaster ride. We have ups and downs, at times our heart pounds, fear grips. At the end of the ride, we feel thrilled and achieved! Our life becomes meaningful and complete after a baby. Our priorities change, our usual schedule change and our world start to revolve around the little soul. A new mom is susceptible to post pregnancy syndrome, which is characterized by one or more symptoms. Weight gain is the most embarrassing thing a woman can undergo. Pregnancy weight, which is known as baby weight is so obvious. And getting back to shape after the baby is also important.

There were days I felt extremely down seeing celebrity moms, fit and chic, endorsing products on TV and the Internet. Weight loss journey is tedious but not impossible. Many mommies do the mistake of starving, in order to shed some pounds. Remember that starving makes you look sick and pathetic, you lose your glow and enthusiasm! Also starving is bad when you are still breastfeeding your baby. Stress, hormone gush too account for the weight gain.

Things to remember:

  • The first and foremost thing that should be done to reduce pregnancy weight is to accept and to stay happy in the new phase of life. Engage yourself in your favorite activities like freelancing, surfing through QProfit System, hanging out with friends just to refresh your mind and soul.
  • We should remember that we may or may not go back to the pre-pregnancy weight. It all depends on one’s body and the efforts taken to achieve the same. It is quite a long process.
  • Surprisingly, even breastfeed can help you lose some pounds.
  • Intake food with high fiber It helps to reduce weight by giving fullness and regulates appetite. Low Carbs, high protein food can also be beneficial. Strictly restrict the consumption of junk food. It is really hard for women like me who keeps on munching something most of the time. But in order to achieve something, self-control and self-care are predominant.
  • I am sure almost all of us have quitted the habit of alcohol consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Just continue with it. Alcohol is terrible for our body and soul.
  • Hit the gym whenever you can. Regularly perform yoga, crunches, walk as much as you can.
  • Beauty is not defined by how good we look outside. Every mom is a beautiful angel!