Children are the angels from heaven. I would say, a home without children is actually not home. But nowadays, I am hearing from many parents that they are having a tough time disciplining their children. Having a child is a bliss. But what if, the joy of parenting becomes a curse? It is difficult for a mom to say, ‘I can’t stand my kid’. Something might have gone wrong with the child or the parenting style, but extra parenting can help to ease out the tension between the mom and child.

Waking up the kids and getting them ready to school is an everyday scenario in most of the home. For some children, the parents need to yell so much to make things happen on time. No mom wants to shout at their kids. But their inability to obey or acknowledge annoys them, which results in screaming. But, patience is the key. Say it again and again in a polite tone. Actually, kids know what to do, they only need a gentle reminder.

Children just reflect the personality of the parents. They reciprocate what they hear and what they see. So we, the parents should be conscious with our words and tone. Too much of pampering is not good for the well being of the children. Most of the Kids, who are pampered so much during their early stage grow up with no respect for the parents and take them for granted.

One of the friends was working in Crypto Code tool in her home. Her kid was supposed to be doing his assignment. But, without the knowledge of his mom, he was watching wrestling on TV. She noticed and yelled at him so much and the kid, in turn, talked back, leaving the place full of chaos! Talking back is a bad attitude, so as yelling! It is important for the parents to get down to the level of the children and explain things in a casual, nonauthoritative tone.

Never ever compare your kids with other fellow kids of their age. Children who grow up hearing such comparison statements develop hatred over other kids and their parents too. They feel less loved and worthless. Help your child to overcome his insecurity and anguish.