Infant Developmental Milestones: Months 13-24

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As a mother of a special needs child, I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing the developmental milestones for children. These milestones serve as guidelines for your child’s development and are an important indication of whether or not your child is on track developmentally.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss the infant developmental milestones you should see emerge in month 13-24. It is important to note that during this timeframe language and motor skills (both fine and gross ) are developing, so it is imperative that you keep an eye on your child during this period.

Month 13

Can bend over and pick up an item successfully

Able to use two words skillfully (e.g.“bye” and “hi”)

Begins to enjoy staring at their reflection in a mirror

Holds out their arm or leg to help when being dressed by mommy or daddy.

Month 14

Begins to imitate others

Can eat with fingers

Empties containers of their contents

The ability to point at particular body parts when asked begins to emerge

Response to instruction (e.g. “Come here”)

Month 15

Uses three words regularly

Can walk backward

Plays with a ball

Begins to scribble with a crayon


Begins to use the word “no”

Month 16

Temper tantrums begin

Attachment to a soft toy or object emerges

Can turn the page of a book

Begins to climb

Begins to stack blocks

Uses eating utensils

Learns proper way to use objects (e.g., a telephone)

Month 17

Uses six words regularly

Likes to play games centered around pretending

Enjoys riding toys

Beings to speak more clearly

The ability to throw a ball underhand emerges

Month 18

Scribbles well

Will pretend to read a book

Begins to use two word sentences

Month 19

Uses an eating utensil well

Can throw a ball underhand

Enjoys helping around the house

Month 20

Feeds doll

Can take off clothes by themselves

Dumps an object in imitation, such as throwing a garbage away

Month 21

Ability to set small goals (e.g. putting a toy in a particular spot)

Can walk up stairs

Begins to throw a ball overhand

The ability to stack six blocks begins to emerge

Month 22

Follow two-step commands (“pick up your doll and put it in the toy box”)

Can kick a ball forward

The ability to complete simple puzzles begins to emerge

Month 23

Can name simple pictures in a book (e.g., “cat” or “dog”)

Uses 50-70 words

The ability to open a door emerges

Month 24

Can name at least six body parts

Puts together two or three word sentences (e.g.“milk please”)

Half of their speech is understandable

While it is true that all children develop at a different pace, these are general guidelines on what your child should be able to do during this time frame. If you are noticing a substantial gap in your child’s ability compared to these milestone, please contact your family doctor.

If you missed the milestones from month 1 to year one, you check check them out here.

Briana McCarthy is a lifestyle, beauty and culture writer, blogger, speaker, social media strategist, and an advocate for special needs children. Check out her blog at http://www.themanesource.comor follow her on Twitter @themanesource.

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