Baby It’s Cold Outside! 5 Things To Do With Your Kids Once The Weather Turns Frightful

Currently I’m a work-at-home mom and since my three-year-old son goes to preschool only three days a week, that means there are two days where I have to entertain him and try to get work done at the same time.
Simply put, it’s a hard balance.

But rest of the days I do get some time to complete the chores at home peacefully and relax for some time quietly. I must confess that I also wanted to work and make some money as I was missing my full-time job and the money I used to make. I tried looking for part time jobs but the hours of commuting and the kind of pay did not work out for me.

I am fairly good with numbers and started dabbling in stocks slowly. The new processes of robotic systems are a lot simpler and I could easily understand the instructions. I have started enjoying trading especially in digital money using programs like Ethereum Code, as then I can pay attention to my home and kid while earning money as well.

Anyone can start using this program without worrying about huge amounts of investments. Another thing that I found really helpful was that the signals were accurate most of the time. I do not mind taking risks while trading but this program has been good with its predictions and consistency.

When my child is at home, I set the parameters on the computer and the robot places bets within the monetary limits set by me. On the days he goes to school then I spend a little more time understanding the program and go through my portfolio. This helps me to tweak my goals and plans from time to time.

My problem is compounded now that the weather is getting colder. We’ve had about six straight days of temperatures in the upper 30s and since we’re in November, I don’t anticipate it getting much warmer. We need to find stuff to do indoors and quick! I’ve done a little research and here’s what I have on our agenda this winter:
1) Fun time at the library: I fooled around and missed the deadline for signing up for storytime (shoot!) but our local library has enough things to do that hopefully it won’t be a problem. They have puzzles, trains, coloring books, a couple aquariums and yes, tons of books.