It’s been over a year since missing mother and nursing student, Bianca Chanel Green of Romulus, Michigan went missing.
On March 25, 2011, Bianca was 24 years-old, pregnant and in school for nursing when her mother says she got into a fight with the father of her 4 years-old son. This was the last time Bianca has been seen. Bianca’s mother, Lisa Green, says she received a text from her daughter saying that she “just couldn’t take it anymore.” Another one reads, “Nearing Ohio”

I realized then that we are in a very different era, one where every single aspect of motherhood is Instagrammed, Facebooked, tweeted or YouTubed.

People discount everything that is not online. The millennials think that everything old or not online is obsolete. They do not even remember how the previous generations completed their financial transactions and traded. They used to go to the banks personally even to check the balance in their accounts. The traders and investors had to rely on a broker and almost all the transactions were confined to personal visits or phone calls.

The Internet has changed not only the way we work but also our perceptions about the companies and systems that are popular online have undergone a change. We follow what the most popular experts are saying about a program before accepting it as genuine. The role of social influencers has enhanced considerably. Ethereum Code is a trading program that has been endorsed by experts and that is not the only reason that it is popular. It has also been accepted by people because it is a good and legit program.

I have been able to use it successfully although I am not really very tech-savvy. It has become one of my favorite systems as I can actually use all the features and make money from the comfort of my home. I am very satisfied with the system as it has managed to get me consistently good results and that too in an area I don’t really know much about. In fact, my family and friends have been amazed too that I have managed to create a corpus of digital money, though I am no software expert.

I have read many opinions about this particular program and realized that there is some negative publicity as well about the system. I believe that this has happened due to some wrong interpretation of the instructions given in the program website or the other reason for the negative publicity could be the competitors badmouthing the system to prove their superiority.

Anyway, change with the new technology as soon as possible.

I’ve seen it all—from ultrasound photos as profile pictures to weekly belly pictures to show how much the baby (and mama) is growing each week, to blogging about what craving