Predators Among Us: How To Protect Your Kids


Every time I hear another Jerry Sandusky-like story, I want to lose my lunch.  Whether it’s Elmo’s puppeteer or the church priest, new allegations seem to come up daily.  We may not want to face it, but child sexual abuse is rampant.    According to, 1 out of every 5 girls and 1 out of every 10 boys will be sexually abused before they reach the age of 18. And while logic tells me that not everyone is a pedophile, the protective mama in me has me giving everyone in my child’s sphere the side-eye.

But besides worrying and trying to hide our precious babies from the world, what can we do to keep them protected?  One thing that we can do is get educated and educate other kids.  Here are several tips to keep your child safe:


It’s a scary world.  Getting the facts and being vigilant can help us protect our children from danger.

Mamas, what strategies do you use to keep your children safe from predators?

Yolanda Darville is a mom, writer, communications strategist and blogger focusing on philanthropy and empowering women.  Learn more about her on her blog .

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  • nolimit_soldier

    Articles like this need over 1,000 comments smgdh..what is this world REALLY coming to?

    • Ru4real

      I was thinking the same thing! Pitiful isn’t it!

    • Yolanda D.

      It’s sad and scary, but at least we can get educated and educate other parents to keep our babies safe.

  • GoodheartandsouL

    And most importantly we must pray for our own children as well as others.

    • Yolanda D.

      Amen! I so agree!

  • harlemqueen


  • igot5onit

    Great tips

    • Yolanda D.

      So glad that you found them helpful! Best to you and your family.

      • igot5onit

        Anything to help me protect my future children, friends, and families children will be always helpful…wishing the best for you and your family too