4 Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays Without Gifts

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By the time you get done buying the Xbox, shoes, clothes and endless toys for everyone in your family many of you will have spent well over $1,000 for Christmas. That’s $1,000 of hard-earned money from working longer hours, sacrificing gifts for yourself all in an attempt to make your family happy. Then what happens? A year later your kids want new gifts all over again and you’re spending even more money to make them happy. Is that what you want your holidays to look like?

According to Investopedia, Americans will be spending more money on gifts in 2012 than they did last year. In 2011, the average American spent $646 on holiday gifts. In 2012, it is expected that the average American will be spending $854 in gifts for friends and loved ones!  That’s enough money to take a trip, save towards a down payment on a house or pay off some debt. I wish I knew this 5 years ago when we were in a frenzy to be Super Parents and buy all of the latest gifts. However, in the last two years we decided to do a complete remix on what the holidays look like around our house.

Instead of buying gifts that our children would play with for only a couple of months, we decided that we wanted to make memories in a different way. We decided to forego gifts and take a trip to celebrate our family. By doing this, we won’t be forced to stand in long lines waiting to get the latest toys and we won’t be forced to spend our money on things that can stolen, broken or not appreciated.

Call us crazy but we want our kids to to get up , get out and see something! Here are four reasons why traveling is a much better investment in our kids than buying gifts.

Now my MommyNoire family, have you started shopping for the holidays? If not, then book  a flight (or plan  a trip) and get to exploring!

Words by Franchesca Lane-Warren


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