There are many things no one tells you about motherhood. You have to experience them for yourself in all their painful glory. I’m not sure whether people keep these warnings to themselves as a polite courtesy or out of fear that we’ll run out of our baby showers screaming before the gifts are opened.

Having a child is one of the biggest decisions in our lives. It is a humongous responsibility that we take up most of the times without really understanding its implications. The financial impact and the emotional effects are equally significant. Another aspect is that women usually bear the major brunt of having a child- physically as well as monetarily. Most of the times they need to take a break from work for some time or leave work forever if there is no support available.

Of course, with part-time work and work from home plans available these days now many women remain financially independent even after having children. Now women are tech-savvy and can work using the internet and computers. Another easy method of making money is using the online trading programs like the Bitcoin Trader. This is a successful and popular robot as the interface is simple.  The instructions are pretty clear and the robot actually does all the hard work. We just need to check the signals provided by the robot and follow the tips and place bets or instruct the system to do that also. These systems are superior and can be used even while you devote your time to motherhood. If you know beforehand what your friends went through, would you change your mind about motherhood?

“I hope you like the diaper cake and by the way in a few months there’s a slight chance once you have this baby that you’ll pee on yourself when you sneeze for the rest of your life”.


The dropped nap is one of motherhood’s best kept miserable secrets. There’s no way to prepare for the day your child says goodbye to nap time. It’s a miserable time. No more watching Maury pantsless while snarfing cocoa puffs. No ma’am. If your girlfriend tells you her kid stopped napping you better pour a little out for your homie because it’s a painful time. Luckily for you I’ve suffered this injustice and have a few survival tactics to share.