There’s mom fantasy and then there’s mom reality. I used to be one of those smug moms to be who swore she wouldn’t let herself go. Post baby life will be glorious! My meticulously styled hair would whip slightly in the gentle breezes, I’d smell like a Bulgarian rose, and frolic at the playground with my two cherubs all day long.

Wrong!My reality as a mother is beautiful, but it’s the kind of beauty only another mom would appreciate. Beautiful but not always pretty.

The problem is that many of us live in the dream world without any idea of what is lying in store for us until it is already too late and we are already on the bridge to the other side of our life from where there is no return. We have created motherhood as a revered status that most mothers do not ever complain about the pains of childbearing and bringing them up. If anyone even complains once in a while then they are labeled as bad mothers. If they leave the kids at home and go to work then they are expected to work even harder at spending more quality time with them.

Some mothers have created online forums where they can share their problems and find solutions. They can also express their feelings of frustration and helplessness without the fear of being ridiculed. Many times the negative feelings stem from the monetary restrictions that come due to their being whole-time mothers without working outside. These days many stay at home moms are using the online systems of trading like the very successful and superior Bitcoin Trader. This is one of the few genuine and legit systems recommended by experts.

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However even if you have some misgivings about being a mother, then you can relax as you are not alone. It is a passing phase and the love for your kids will change the feeling soon.

There is sometimes shame. Secrets I keep to myself and hold on to tightly. In the spirit of camaraderie, I’m opening the vault. Fellow moms, you are not alone. Or maybe my shameful self is alone.

Either way here are a few of my shameful mom confessions for your reading pleasure.