10 Celebrity Men with Epic Selfie Game


From Larenz Tate to R&B crooner Maxwell these celebrity men take the best selfies! Larenz Tate refuses to age and Maxwell is just so easy to look at. Who can forget 27-year-old actor Michael B. Jordan? He's gone from HBO's The Wire to the Hollywood it guy that everyone woman wants to date. Michael earned points with many ladies when he dished to vulture.com that he's a great cook:

Yeah, I cook a lot. My dad’s a chef, he caters, and my mom’s a really good cook. We had a home catering company that we ran out of our house growing up, so as soon as I was old enough to see over the cutting board and hold a knife, I was chopping potatoes, onions, carrots — the whole nine yards. I enjoy cooking for people, too.

The Fruitvale Station actor even admitted to cooking for his dates:

I have. When I first moved to L.A., when I was like 19, 20, 21, that was a thing:Okay, cool [claps his hands together]: I’m going to cook dinner, she’s going to think it’s phenomenal, it’s gonna be amazing, that’s gonna be my move. And then I was like, Whoa. That came with so much baggage and the expectations. Everything you do, you guys are interpreting in a different way! Like, another thing: I like to go out to dinner a lot. I love going out to eat. I love food. I love going to restaurants. And sometimes I don’t like going alone, so I would take somebody to go to dinner. It doesn’t necessarily mean this is the start of a thing — I just like to go to dinner and you’re kind of cool to talk to. But a woman sees it as, Oh, he’s taking me out to dinner.

We love a man that can cook and take a great selfie! Thank us later ladies. Click continue!

10 Celebrity Men with Epic Selfie Game

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  • LucySkyDiamond

    Larenz Tate is so freaking gorgeous! Like a delicious piece of milk chocolate candy! Had to get that off my chest

  • It’s me

    Usher and Larenz are just simply handsome

    • drop it


    • catherine_gold

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  • drop it

    ok so aint nobodys gonna say anything bout B Jordan?? sheesh

  • Dayia

    Yall forgot chris brown he might be cray but he takes good pics

  • Thenji Maynard

    Terence J – *searches for a couch to pass out on* – cute as a button.
    *Wakes up and checks list again*
    Larenz Tate – Swoon.

  • sexcgenius

    Fifty is too ugly to ever take a good selfie. Yall just put this together cause some of those dudes aren’t hot.

  • ru4real

    So they just not gone put August Alsina on here his selfie game is nice with handsome self