Little Miss Sunshine Channels Her Inner Pin-up Girl

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We all remember Abigail Breslin from "Little Miss Sunshine," but this 16-year-old is certainly a far cry from her leg warmer rocking days.

Before shooting her new film "Final Girl," celebrity photographer Tyler Shields caught a few shots of Beslin all glammed up. From head to toe, Breslin nailed the very grown pin-up girl style.

But is it too much? Known for the “art” of seduction in the late nineteenth century via burlesque performers and actresses to promote themselves, the pin up style has been channeled by some of Hollywood's most lusted after stars including Rihanna, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Madonna... nearly twice Breslin's age!

Breslin is no newcomer to movie sets, as she appeared in her first film, "Signs," when she was only 6. But could Breslin be feeling the pressure to make the transition from child star to successful young adult actress?! Resulting in turning it up for the camera's?!

While the photos are beautiful. As a mother, I have to ask. Are the images we set for young girls these days pressuring them to grow up too fast? Is is just a photo shoot or is the message we are sending to the public deeper?

Looking back, now 28, I miss the days when girls were well... just little girls. I myself miss the days where I did not feel the pressure to look like a s@x symbol or slightly disrespected by the images that blast our televisions and movies screens, displaying what is now considered beautiful, young, and fresh.

Would this high fashion photo-op be acceptable for your tween?!

Little Miss Sunshine Channels Her Inner Pin-up Girl


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