The Stakes is High: Is the Music Industry Out to Destroy Our Kids?


We’ve come a long way since Chuck D proclaimed hip-hop was “the CNN of the ghetto.” Those of us who grew up on rap can often be heard lamenting the change in the music that over time has transformed from lighthearted party music to hyper-violent, sexually charged songs.

While hard-hitting, explicit rap has been around for more than two decades, there used to be a balance. At the same time N.W.A spit lyrics about Compton gangs and their hate for the police, the Native Tongues—a collective which included De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, and others—offered an alternative to gangster rap.

But these days, that balance has disappeared from the airwaves. Today’s mainstream rap is full of vulgar lyrics about non-loyal h*es and bad b*tches. Gone are the days when you could turn on the radio and hear emcees rap about needing love, today everybody just wants to get laid, or literally kill their competition.

Recently, writer Sebastien Elkouby penned an interesting essay for arguing the music industry doesn’t care about Black people.

Citing the growing popularity of upstart rapper Bobby Shmurda, whose hit song “Hot N*****s” has spawned its own dance and earned the Brooklyn emcee an Epic Records deal, Elkouby writes: “Out of countless amazingly talented unsigned artists waiting for their big break, why would a record company sign yet another half-a** artist whose message is all about death, murder, guns, and more death?”

According to Elkouby, the reason record companies continue to promote artists like Shmurda is simple: they want to destroy Black people.

He continues: “If it really just came down to the argument that sex and violence in music sells, we’d see it equally produced by all ethnic groups and equally targeting all ethnic groups. However, besides Black people, I can’t think of another group, be it White, Asian, Latino, Christian, Jewish, etc, that the music industry feels as comfortable overtly disparaging without a second thought.”

Elkouby has a point. While rap music certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on questionable lyrics, it’s hard to find as much murder, misogyny, and unfettered horribleness in other forms of popular music.

And as the parent of an impressionable 8-year-old boy, the rampant crassness and the utter disrespect for Black women is why I—once hardcore hip-hop head—have chosen to turn the radio off.

Don’t get me wrong, I still listen to some rap music. If you catch me at the right time, I can be seen nodding my head to Nas, Kendric Lamar, ATCQ, the Roots, and a few others—just not when my son's around. When he’s in the car, we listen to NPR, podcasts, or  XM Satellite radio’s Chill channel. Why? To quote De La, “the stakes is high.”

Though some will argue rap music is just entertainment and has no affect on kids, I call shenanigans. When you grow on up a steady diet of hit-it-and-quit-it lyrics about disloyal girls and tough guys that will not hesitate to kill, it gets to you.

When I taught middle school, I’d watch my students devour the latest songs like they were verses from the Bible, then use the flawed wisdom rappers doled out to relate to their peers. Even though they were just 12 and 13, several of my male students would complain that their female classmates didn’t have enough a** (or harass the ones they thought did), while my female students would gravitate toward the “ballers” who had nice sneakers or tough guys who could fight.

In a 2012 essay for the Washington Post, veteran music writer and MSNBC host Toure argued that instead of being the “tool of resistance” it could have been, rap music became “complicit in spreading the message of the criminalblackman” because the money those narratives generated were just too good to turn down.

In the end, Toure concluded hip-hop failed Black America, and you know what? He might just be right.

Do you think hip hop is bigger than the music and there may be another motive for producing such crime-ridden music? What are you doing to shield your young ones?

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  • Atreyu

    Great article. I couldn’t agree more.

    • bigfoot2011

      Horrible article. Just another example of us deflecting the blame. Record companies are in business to make money. If Christian music is what sells, better believe they are going there. They signed chief keef because of the millions of views he had on YouTube. The question is, why are our kids rapping about these things? Look around at the single parent households and the mentality that money is more important than an education or talent and u’ll see why. The day black people learn to take responsibility, is the day we shall overcome.

  • Bob

    No, absentee fathers, lack of instilling values and self esteem in serial baby mamas or a sense of responsibilty is destroying the Black community. If adults with sense would have a discussion with young people about why those lyrcs are wrong and how they devalue Black people not empowerus, maybe the kids would start to understand and reject those images.

    • DisneyPrincess

      Agreed. They also need to teach these kids the fundamentals of economics (and self-control), No one is responsible for our own success but us.

    • Preach: Blk Awakening & Revolu

      Our Kids/Communities were destroyed at least 80yrs BEFORE Hip Hop, dating back to the 1905 creation of the Black Boule/Sigma Pi Phi selling out to Yt Zionist Joos. But bcuz We ASOLUTELY REFUSE to learn, study, or research Our History, We say things like what U said. Not tryna disrespect U, but Your 1st sentence is proof of this bcuz what you say is only reflective of what’s been going on the past 25yrs. The final nail in the coffin came 30-35yrs prior during the CRMvmt when the same Zionist Joos used MLKOON Jr, who just happened to be Boule; as a pawn to bring about Intergration. I’ve finally figured out these early rappers were pawns to guess who: the Zionist Joos to promote Our destruction, at least what was left of Us. Not only are these rappers selling out, so did the BLACK CEOs & the Pop & R&B puppits. BeyZ & these L&HH clowns are the perfect example. Yet bcuz we don’t know or care about our history, we’ll dismiss the TRUTH in the name of “Hating”.

      • creamel

        Yep. hey isn’t this guy married??

    • bb

      Thank You. You what ive noticed? that theres no apology from most men instead they like to find another reason for blame and slowly continue what they’ve been doing like nothing has happened. What needs to be done is 1st and foremost take care of priorities stemming from home. There wouldn’t be so much dysfunction with the youth. young men grew up watching men kill and get killed for centuries and no one says bipp. As soon as hip hop come everyone got their mouth stuck too bad this is a bigger than hip hop.

  • DaladeeJ


  • DaladeeJ

    i guess the essay writer dont listen to other types of music like he claim…you can always hear about killing, killing, & more killing in rock songs…you can always hear about country singers wanting to fight somebody or wanting to get fvcked up…dont even get me started a most Latin music…just way too many holes in this arguement

  • Grace

    I can tell by the music that this is true. U can have a 4th grade edcation & be a rapper.

  • Angry Man

    Rap music has been just as detrimental to our communities as Crack in the 80’s. Only ot took Willie Lynches teaching to control our minds. (If you don’t know who Willie Lynch is google it) It has taught us if your not hood your not cool Ex. thats why Drake Bieber and others try so hard to fit in. It teaches that a big booty cool. Ex. Thats why females are dying pumping their a$$ with fix a flat. Balling is cool Ex. People showing money on instagram. Having sex with as many people as you want theres nothing wrong with it. Ex. Black women with the highest rate of HIV leading in kids being born out of Wedlock. In closing it’s a mind game that’s killing us and setting us back from everything we fought and died for.

    • Guest

      Black women can’t have the highest HIV without the men giving it to them, which means BM have the highest rate.. Nor, can they have kids out of wedlock without having sex with them. EQUAL responsibility…..Everything else you said, right on point!!

      • dee

        Trying to erase the old pass and start a new war. I get it but there is a lot of us that don’t.

      • Angry Man

        If 1 guy has sex with 100 women then the #’s will be higher for females. Born out of wedlock means your parents are not married

    • truth teller

      you do realize that the Willie Lynch project you mentioned was actually written by a Black Man who thought that the story he concoted would then stir his people to action??

      • Angry Man

        That’s what they say but are the results of Slavery and our treatment in America not the same planned or unplanned

  • Tish Hill

    Of course there’s another motive for supporting this type of music and signing these types of artists that create “toxic” music. What better way to create genocide then allowing the people your trying to kill to kill themselves? You don’t get blamed for the crime! Like selling poisonous food that people buy willingly.

  • Cheryl Smith

    Everything we expose kids to impacts them. Music impacts to a deeper level because they are bombarded with negative lyrics and attitudes portrayed in videos. Many popular radio stations play the same 7-10 song on an endless loop. Say “These hoe’s ain’t loyal” enough times and that becomes belief. If you believe in good, then evil is real too. There are forces out there that seek to kill and destroy and they are always after the impressionable.

  • Cheryl Smith

    Right now, everything hot in popular music is not by Black artist. Rita Ora, Iggy and Adrianna. Macklemore is still doing his thing. Commonality? Besides not being Black, there is little to no negativity in those popular songs. They are “taking” our stuff, wiping it off, and winning.

    • dscribe

      Wow how true!!

  • Huny

    Yes, all of this music is being distributed on purpose. People are blind to the bigger picture. As a Hip Hop head and middle school Teacher, I see first-hand what has happened over the years with young people and lyrics (Rap and R & B). It’s a sad state. I could go on and on. We’ve got work to do. Watch ‘Hidden Colors’ (documentary).

  • Holy_Ryu

    Nobody is feeling what the rap game is putting out right now. This is the lowest level of hip-hop that we are seeing and it can go much lower. The only solution to this problem is to rebuild from the ground up again. The people who are on top don’t care and are not willing to help. They got their money, their stomach is full, they are living in mansions. I know everybody can agree that hip-hop is worth saving. The new world order controls Hip-Hop and they are going to make it as negative as possible. Hip-Hop wasn’t suppose exist in their eyes, Hip-Hop is a glitch in the Matrix system. It allowed blacks to become rich through a huge wormhole in the Matrix system. Hip-Hop was miss calculated by the new world order because they never saw this coming. The influence that it has all over the world is something they can’t stop. To put into a better perspective, the new world order were like pawns to Hip-Hop that has reached the end of the chess board and became better players by becoming the newer Rooks, Knights, Bishops, and Queens. It wasn’t done by conquer but through consent.

  • Lamentations

    This article is 100 percent correct that they want to destroy black people. I could never understand how you could destroy black music. Anyone listening to old school music can see that if nothing else black people are great singers. It is one of the issues that had me thinking about the black community and why we are targeted for destructive behaviors which the most fragile of us run headlong into. And he is right. I do not see this happening to other racial groups. No doubt it has affected the relationship problems between black men and women which I did not know was so acidic until reading about it on the internet including witnessing it on Bossip site. Music is spiritual and the spiritual forces of evil know this because they know faith comes by hearing, so as someone posted below if you keeping hearing that women are hoes, and shoot your enemy and money is everything than that is what gets in your soul. The question becomes why do they work so actively to destroy black descendants of slaves? There is an answer and it has to do with black people’s connection to the culmination of this age at which we steadily approach. Just know that the call of God is without repentance. To learn more visit propheticsignificance dot BlogSpot dot com.

  • Wtfcity

    The entertainment industry is part of the system that destroys the black family. Just one piece of the puzzle. Absent fathers and ignorant black women play a HUGE part. But how did they get this way. The behavior is just the symptom.Its hard enough to raise your kids without them being targeted by all these different systems designed to help them fail despite a parents best efforts.