10 Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster


I had no idea what TTC was until about 12 hours ago. Having had my children at a young age, I never really considered that fact that not all women are able to get pregnant without TTC (‘Trying To conceive’).  Having to struggle when it comes to getting pregnant can be frustrating and disheartening to say the least. It takes not only a physical toll but also a mental and emotional one on the woman as well as the mate involved in the process.  Although there is no "magic" pill to get pregnant, some simple methods have been shown to increase your odds. Whether they are scientifically proven or simply an old wives' tale, it can't hurt to test them out!  Hit the flip to check out these pregnancy boosters:

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  • Ms. Kameria

    Great……tips to becoming someone’s baby mama that much faster…..really?….-_-

  • Kristina Tramel

    As a married woman TTC thank you for this article.

  • Ru4real

    My husband and I had sex three days before I ovulated to which I laid on my back with knees bent afterwards while doing kegals mind you and my beautiful daughter, who is now 2 was conceived! So there are truths to these theories

  • Flora

    Good one

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