Loss of a Latino Legend – Jenni Rivera Dies in Plane Crash

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As we know, the music industry lost  a Latino Legend this past weekend.  Rest in Peace Jenni Rivera.

Praying for Jenni Rivera’s children and family and the passengers families,” Jennifer Lopez tweeted on Sunday.

While en route to a town outside Mexico City early Sunday morning after a show, air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane Jenni Rivera was on with two pilots and four other passengers, reportedly including her publicist, Arturo Rivera, her stylist, Jorge Sanchez, her makeup artist, Jacob Yebale, and her attorney, Mario Macias.  Jenni Rivera’s family is reeling from the news of her sudden death in a plane crash over the weekend. And as they try to come to grips with the unspeakable tragedy.

In the Latino community she had made strides in entertainment standing tall amongst fellow singers and actresses such as mega star, Jennifer Lopez.  Sadly, just days before the crash, ABC announced that Jenni had a show centering on herself and her struggles as a single mother.  Rivera's character was described as "a strong, middle-class, single Latina woman working to raise a family using unique parenting skills, while struggling to run a family business and navigate her extended, co-dependent relatives -- all while fighting the cultural perception that she needs a man to do it," according to Deadline.

Rivera was said to have recently gotten divorced for the third time and has five children.  What is believed to be the final photo of the performer, who was nicknamed “Diva de la Banda,” has since been discovered online. It was posted by Yebale to Instagram on Sunday and it shows Rivera and the four others aboard a private airplane. They’re all smiling, waving, and appear to be in good spirits in the photo, making the situation even more upsetting. “We getting Back To Mexico City,” Yebale wrote with the photo. “Jenni Rivera, Arturo, Gigi and Me. Los Amooo!”

Eva Longoria shared, “My heart breaks for the loss of Jenni Rivera & everyone on the plane. My prayers go out to her family. We lost a legend today.”

Our condolences to Jenni Rivera's family, friends, and fans worldwide.

Words by Sid Powell

Source: omg.yahoo.com

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