‘Are We Too Hard On Nicki Minaj?’ AllHipHop.com’s Chuck Creekmur Responds on Huff Post Live


After penning an "Open Letter" to Nicki Minaj regarding her new Anaconda art work  AllHipHop.com founder Chuck Creekmur has received praise, criticism and much debate. But it seems as though a larger conversation is happening as Creekmur sat down to delve a little further into his views with Huffington Post Live's Marc Lamont Hill.

Here's a small snippet of Creekmur's letter written for Mommy Noire:

"I’m trying to raise a young girl that will eventually grow into someone greater than the both of us. I know that this requires great parenting, great education, great luck and an assortment of great influences. I'm sure you know the influence you wield, but now, if you told the “Barbs” to scratch my eyes out, some would attack without thinking about it. I’m sure some will also replicate the “Anaconda” image without thinking about it too. Your original image already has 256,817 (and counting) likes under the original Instagram picture you posted, so I venture that your average girl could strive to get a couple hundred likes from her friends. Is this the path you want to lead impressionable kids down? Make no mistake about it, you're a leader now."

Ebony.com Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux responded to the Anaconda cover and Creekmur's views writing that Minaj is the least of hip hop's problem.

"I feel that the behavior that the men and women who are highlighted on AllHipHop.com and throughout the hip hop world and universe often engage in that is equally, if not more so, influential upon our children than what we saw in that particular cover and, in my opinion, more damaging," Lemieux said during the interview.

Hear what Creekmur, Lemieux, Political Activist Will Mega and Award-winning writer and Director Stacey Muhammad had to say regarding a woman's sexuality, hip hop and more below.

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  • Real Talk

    He’ll yeah, wen you got fake eyes, fake boobs, fake nose, fake trunk people will be hard on you

  • Candice

    Nope! Not hard on her at all. Her theatrical behavior, petty gimmicks, and intentional shade has become her worst enemy. You have to behave the same way you would like to be treated. She might be the least of Hip hop’s problems, but why add to them? Public figures; especially someone of Nicki’s stature; need to be humbled every now and then. It teaches them how to appreciate the fame, they worked so hard for. Nothing comes easy.

    The “Anaconda” cover art was very dis-tasteful and classless. You can look at the pic from 50 angles and still see the one message it sends. Not a good look for the younger generation that looks up to her.

    • Justsayin

      Her name is Nicki MINAJ. Minaj being a play on ménage a trois. She told us what she represents, so I don’t know why everyone is surprised and disappointed by her antics. Her choice of overtly sexualizing herself should be expected at this point. I agree with you regarding the level of classlessness, as well as the shade she throws, she’s def insecure about Iggy Azeala, however, she has told us what she represents, so we shouldn’t expect more of her if she doesn’t expect more of herself.

      • Candice

        Well if thats the case; then she needs to stop being a walking contradiction when it comes to her career choices.

        Is she going to rep for all her little barbies (the ones that flock to the stores and buy her perfumes and clothes) or is she going to remain a X-rated rapper? (The one who caters to a non teen audience and promotes herself in a lustful way)?. She has been doing both, and at some point people are going to look back and analyze her steps.

        This is the point the father who wrote her the open-letter was trying to say. I really think she can do better. Why stoop so low while in the highest stage of your career?

  • Pru

    The real issue is Nicki is resting on her looks and s e x appeal versus her talent and skills. When you are coming out with your third album your talent should take front row not your bum. And let’s be real…it feels like Nicki is a lil intimidated by a certain white Australian rapper and reverting back to high school tactics.

    • Sekhmet

      I Agree 100%

  • guest

    Hip Hop ain’t even hip hop anymore it’s all about catchy hooks, making it rain and selfies. I’m from the old school hip hop era, when the music was made to make you thing about things going on in the world. These “artist” are more concerned about lining their pockets than making a REAL statement. They want no responsibility for what/how young kids interpret their actions and their music. Their quick to say “I’m no role model” yet we see kids trying to imitate them daily. Although I didn’t agree with everything Kendrick Lamar said in that interview he definitely was not too far off in what he was saying. We truly have to do better it does not have to be like this. It’s never too late.

  • Yup_23

    We’re too hard on women, period. None of these huge social commentaries are ever built around men in music, and men do a lot of sh*t that disrespects themselves and women alike. But every time a woman expresses her s*xuality, which is her own choice, there’s a huge outbreak of hysteria that’s usually uncalled for.

    Do I think people are too hard on Nicki specifically? Yes, I do. But it comes with the territory. People will always be the hardest on the people that are running their lanes (see: Beyonce, LeBron James). Nicki’s just getting that #1 spot treatment, which usually comes with a lot of, dare I say it, “hate”.

    • dingo_egret

      Wrong, in the 90’s there was nothing but disdain for gangsta rap and those who performed it. Parents were afraid of the negative influence would have on their young men.

      Today men in hip hop and unfortunately r&b are considered to be bad influences and are continually criticised for their behaviour on and off the stage.

      Nicki is taking the same heat that L’il Kim did when her first album came out and how it over-sexualized women and sex.

      • GoodGooglyMoogly

        Wait what… uh NWA who are getting their own biopic, gangsta rap. Death Row at one point the biggest selling and most successful Hip-Hop label nothing but gansta rap. Dre (who threw beat up Dee Barnes for no reason). Snoop, who went to trial for murder and Tupac threw signs all day and was probably murdered by a gang member. Biggie probably murdered by a gang member. Murder Inc. run by a man who renamed himself after an Italian gangster and bankrolled the label with drug money or look up Jimmy Henchmen and all of the violence that happened in the 90’s. If you weren’t gangsta in the mid to late nineties you weren’t a “man”. Gangsta rap ruined R & B starting with Jodeci once they moved over to Death Row everything went down hill. Now today we have R & B wannabe thugs like Chris Brown.

        • dingo_egret

          Lmao, I think you got my point exactly. Totally agree with the Jodeci bit.

  • HotJupiter

    I don’t think Nicki or anyone should really care. It’s a big world and any parent knows that the best you can do is steer your child in the right direction and give them the tools they need to live a good adult life. I don’t blame her for doing what she does but I won’t expose my child to it. What your child is exposed to is up to you not the entertainer.

  • TBerri

    The truth is, we shouldn’t allow our youth to follow these entertainers. Period. I don’t understand why people are giving Nicki such a hard time about her “Anaconda” photo, but can make excusable behavior for Rihanna’s “leave nothing to the imagination” dress, or Beyoncé’s “look at my arse-cheeks” getup while touring. We need to stop allowing our youth to emulate these entertainers. They are no role models. The ones who aren’t on drugs or have sold their souls to the devil (which consists of about 85-90% of the entertainment industry) are the ones that aren’t appreciated.

    • Justsayin

      You have no idea who sold their soul, don’t fall into the illuminati conspiracy theory. It’s foolish and judgmental.

      • Pru

        And you don’t know who haven’t so you are being just as “foolish and judgmental”. If you think it’s so crazy, do your own research and make your own decision but don’t mock others for their beliefs and opinions.

        • TBerri

          Exactly. We don’t know these celebs. We only are able to formulate our opinions with what we see in the media. That doesn’t mean a thing. Someone can appear to be blissfully happy, while inside, contemplating suicide. That’s why I don’t care for these celebs. Their

        • Justsayin

          Actually, I’m being the opposite of foolish and judgmental. I don’t know, so therefore I don’t assume, one way or the other. And I wasn’t mocking, I’m being a responsible individual and not adding to or creating rumors about someone.

          • Pru

            That’s not what you said nor what you implied. Just be honest. Your comments was pretty much ” you don’t know, don’t believe the Illuminati talk b/c its silly and judgmental”.

            TBerri is not the first nor the last person to comment on this topic and last I checked this is a sight about gossip, gossip related items and just opinions in general.

  • TK

    The thing is they are hard on Nicki Minaj BUT yet they praise Beyoncé. Children should be censored from both of their music. They are both very raunchy women one more than others. But you can’t praise one and diss another just because they are who they are.

  • Angry Man

    I think people underestimate the influence that all artist have over them including me. If you would of told me 10 years ago straight men would be wearing skinny jeans I would bet my life they wouldn’t. Everything from the alcohol we drink to the slang we use is dictated by entertainment. Women get defensive when called on stuff but they don’t understand it’s done from a place of love and respect. Yall are our Mothers our backbone our everything. So its confusing when it seems like you don’t demand the respect that you deserve. Anyway I know the feedback will be what about Men and what yall do but notice we never come to the defense of the ignorance of some Men.

    • GoodGooglyMoogly

      I really enjoyed your thoughtful response LOL out the skinny jeans craze… that actually comes from Skateboard culture not Hip-Hop, see Odd Future. More and more black and Latino kids are skating so Lil’ Wayne was late on the trend.

      Respect and sexuality are two different things. If one believes that the more sex a woman has the less valuable she becomes then the Anaconda cover is problematic. If you don’t believe the sex a woman has defines her worth then whatever choice a woman makes as an adult should be respected.

      Nicki is an artist and their job is to inspire and sometime provoke not censor their art for children. Women have been using sex to brand their art for centuries. Whether it’s Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith with their raunchy lyrics, Etta James and her dirty moves or Donna Summer moaning all over a record. Not to mention the millions of images of scantily clad women that children are
      exposed to through the nternet, billboards, magazines, TV and film.

      Hip-Hop is a man’s industry it’s owned and run by men for men they drive the look and feel of rap. The promotion of gangsta rap destroyed the female rennasaice in Hip-Hop to the point where there are only two women who are charting Nicki and Iggy Azaelia, who has plenty of back shots of her own – where’s her letter? The ninety-eight percent of rappers who are male exclusively push highly sexualized portrayals of women so it does become disproportionate to hold the only successful balck female rapper to a different standard then the men or white women. Nicki Minaj could disappear tonight and nothing would change because the issue at hand is not how one woman choses to present herself in public but how the community feels about the erosion of values. Studies show that young women sexualize themselves to impress their male peers. Nicki is the lighting rod not the problem and by placing all of the responsibility on her it avoids the true issue of kids having to raise themselves.

      In my day (I can’t believe I just wrote that, LOL) I used sneak listen to Prince records (hello raincoat and speedos) and I thought Vanity was the bomb, but I never felt the need to run out and start rocking camisoles and fishnets, LOL. At the end of the day it’s the parents who set the tone and although I was exposed to sexualized images and content throughout my childhood and teen years I knew who I was from having a strong foundation from two loving parents. A lot of our kids lack parental structure and when there is no one to present boundaries they are going to seek out alternative authority figures.

      • Angry Man

        In the perfect world you would not be judged by your the way you dress are how many people you have sex with but this World is far from perfect. Trayvon Martin is dead because he was judged. We have alot of problems that stems from alot of society issues. Nicki using Barbie and leading kids down a road to no where is just one of them. We have to start somewhere why not with her?

        • GoodGooglyMoogly

          Trayvon was misjudged so why would we want to emulate that? Because she is not the root of the problem it is the male run industry. Let’s say we boycott Nicki until she has no career. Lil Wayne and Baby will just replace with another Barbie loving clone. It’s making her the fall guy for the problem. She goes away Iggy Azaelia snatches her spot. Unless you talk the labels nothing will change that would Cash Money/ Universal.

          I mentor pre-teen girls and sometimes we don’t give them a lot of credit. The Majority of them thought the picture was tired and unoriginal and embarrassing. I’m more concerned about their love of Chris Brown. Everyone of my girls lives in a single parent home and only two have a fathers who are active in their lives and they are hungry for love and will do anything to get it that’s what is at the heart of this sexual exhibitionism not a flash in the pan rapper.

        • GoodGooglyMoogly

          Because the world was unfair to Trayvon we should be unfair
          to Nicki Minaj? You would think that she committed a crime the way people are talking about her. Let’s not forget Lil Kim has branded herself as a Barbie as well… first

          There is an African proverb, “knowledge without wisdom is
          like water in sand… “ Why kill the ant when you need to destroy the anthill. You knock her down she will be
          replaced, you mistake her “power” and it will be the same ole same ole wash, set, rinse, repeat.

          I work with vulnerable girls and there seems to be a gap in
          perception in our community about how girls mature into healthy women and unrealistic ideals about womanhood. From eleven to eighteen my girls have one thing in common the lack of an active father. Child advocates, health care professionals and educators agree girls who are raised in unstable, abusive households or where one parent is not present makes them vulnerable to pathological behavior not a potentially flash in the pan rapper. Nicki has talked about her fear and anger over abuse she witnessed as a child and her lack of the relationship with her father so the way she chooses to market herself it is not surprising, she is seeking father love through sexual attention and our answer to this is to publicly
          shame her. No one has more influence over a child than an involved and loving parent and no pop star can break those bonds or values.

          • Angry Man

            My point about Trayvon is the imagery put out there by rapper made George view him as a thug. Just like the imagery put out the by Nicki makes society view black women as nothing more than big booty hos. I think one of the most underrated things we fail to look at is the influence of entertainment. The way we talk walk drink think is all influenced by it. You say the lack of fathers is a problem well that goes hans and hand with artist like Nicki selling sex like they’re no effects that comes with it. We are always saying there’s bigger fish to fry but end up doing nothing.