Thanks, But No Thanks: 15 Christmas Gifts Parents Don’t Want You Getting Their Kids


Art Products Made for Random Places
Bathtubs, windows -- is nothing sacred anymore?!

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  • Dante

    Clearly improving a child’s hand/eye coordination isn’t important simply because this game is similar to beer pong. Seriously though? Look up Bozo the clown….that ish is way older than beer pong and they made a whole show about this type of game which drew in hundreds of thousands of children…

  • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou

    GREAT list. I totally agree with every single item listed. Only a frenemy would buy your kid one of these

  • ncntrol

    all those pages, are you serious?

  • bmused

    HA! My Mom won this game. My Aunt got me Sparkle Paint for my birthday. Mom retaliated with a damned Parakeet for my cousin’s birthday. Mom blitzed the Messy Gift throw-down. My Aunt bought me underwear and socks for the rest of my childhood.

  • RoByn Thompson

    Was going to read the article but it just shows a lack of respect to your reader to make them click 16 times to do it.

  • Saint Nick

    What a dumb article, get new subjects, Christmas is long since over

  • Ryan Todd

    Who decided the toys in this list? the list and opinions feel childish and fake.

  • Tess

    This list is perfect! I made the mistake of getting a Furby for my daughter for Christmas back in the 90s when they first came out. After opening gifts on Christmas morning, we always made a 19 hour drive to visit family in FL. Daughter brought Furby along. About an hour into the trip we realized that Furby was nothing short of a demon toy from the Twilight Zone. It wouldn’t shut up and we couldn’t turn it off. We had to pull over and put it’s creepy butt in the trunk. When we arrived at my aunt’s house, 18 hours later, Furby’s battery was dead and its eyes were wide open with fixed and dilated pupils. Even I had nightmares that night!! Just say no when your kids beg for a Furby!!

  • Nicole Embery

    Anything that takes 8 thousand batteries. Especially if the family you are buying for doesnt have a lot of money. Even if you buy the first set of batteries those will die and tantrums will be thrown when its time to replace them.

  • Merritt

    Are you kidding me? They are called toys for a reason. They are for play and for FUN! I have 2 boys and have had most all of those items many times over and would gladly have and play with all of them again. Oh and by the way one of my boys is now in college and the other is in middle school and still loves to play. Don’t take life so seriously. Window markers really? They’re awesome on the dishwasher for kids!!! They can sit right on the floor and color on the dishwasher with window markers while you cook dinner. Then wipe it off when you clean the kitchen .Live a little then teach em’ how to clean up. That can be fun as well.

  • mom of 3

    i got my son a drum set for xmas. best alarm clock ever and he plays every day

  • Anon

    I totally agree with this list. Children should learn to play outside, and use their imagination. Toys make children fat and lazy.

  • rdrunner

    You need to get a grip. My kids are 26 and 30, but I now have a 3-year old granddaughter that lives with me (along with my daughter). She has most of the things on this list. If you don’t want mess, if you don’t want noise, don’t have kids…buy a fish.

  • nina

    I would say candy would be my #1 on that list.

  • Louis Gonzales

    Can I regift my Furby that I got as a child (from the nineties) to a modern kid? Would they notice? :D

  • Nanny2.0

    So basically you don’t want your children to have any toys because you’re too lazy to let them have fun? This list is bogus.

  • Lil M.

    This list makes me mad. You pretty much want to deprive your kid of all the things kids dream of having. Do you not own a vacuum? I realized soon enough that having kids is messy. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never have perfect carpets and thats ok. Because I’d rather have happy kids and lasting memories of messes and good times. Childhood is short and too soon they’re off grown up. Why limit your childrens creativity?

  • D

    Not sure what that leaves… ball in a cup? Or was that on the list too.. between the popup ads and all the clicks I didnt make it to the end.