How to Handle Awkward Playground Situations

You know what I’m talking about. Awkward playground situations that send you screaming from the sandbox gripping your child like a football while running back to the comfort of your goldfish scented car. Biting, pushing, peeing, or worse. It’s all there. The playground is where manners go to die for some people. Up is down. Down is up. Boogers are food. Playgrounds are no joke.

I’ve suffered my fair share of playground mishaps but after spending three years at these pits of insanity I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. Here’s how to handle awkward playground situations.

Basically, there are certain tips which mothers can use to manage these situations.  Read on to know:

  1. Find out the reason: Kids become naughty and disobedient as a way of expressing their unsatisfied emotions.  Find out what their craving is.  If it is love, provide them more love.  If it is boredom, inculcate a hobby like drawing.  This will gradually slow them down and make them think more.   If an awkward situation is due to hunger, feed the kid immediately.  They do not know how to express.  But mothers can easily find the reasons behind.
  2. Avoid triggers: Does your kid becomes unmanageable whenever he is with another specific kid? Examine the reason. If peer pressure from another child is making him behave awkwardly, avoid the situation.  Parallelly, you have to educate your kid to tackle peer pressure.
  3. Give them responsibility: Hand over specific tasks like watering plants, buying stuff from the near-by store etc.  Giving small financial responsibilities will completely change the attitude of children.  They behave responsibly.  When they grow up, this will help them to learn financial apps like Crypto code with interest.  They tend to build their future in a successful manner.
  4. Keep them engaged: Children demand more entertainment.  So, keeping them engaged is an art.  It should not be a tiresome process for the mother.  Always have in store, few games which kids can play by themselves.  Have storybooks which they can slowly read without disturbing the mother.  Back to the incident at the playground.

The hoverer

Your kids are having a blast when they’re joined by a kid twice their age who has no concept of playing nicely. He hovers and disrupts your children’s activities nonstop. You want to shoo him away but after brief observation you notice that he or she just wants some attention.

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