Uh Oh, the Kids are On Winter Break! 4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy

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Right now, many parents are facing down a problem that only a fellow parent can understand—winter break has arrived and that means that kids will be home for at least two weeks. Every break in school, I’m constantly searching for ways to keep my kids occupied without driving me crazy. There is not a lot of money for me to send them to three different camps so I decided years ago to hold a mini ‘fun’ camp at my house. The costs are minimal and in the end I get to spend more time bonding with my kids.

Deciding what to do with your kids during winter break is a difficult decision a parent has to make. On one hand you want to make sure they are productive but you don’t want to stress them out by making them do something academic the entire break. My suggestion is to let your kids have fun but sneak it some activities that will help them exercise their brains.

Here are four ways to keep your kids busy and help you keep your sanity:


Hold on, mommies, there is plenty of time left for you to find some great ideas on keeping your kids occupied.


Words: Franchesca Lane-Warren

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