I’m a professional photographer so it’s probably needless to say but I’m a picture fiend. If I’m not wearing a big camera or shooting instant film with my kids (they love seeing the pictures develop before their eyes) I’m probably snapping away on my iPhone. Mobile phone technology has improved drastically in recent years and today’s cell phone cameras make it easy to snap awesome pictures of your children wherever you are.

Here is how you can capture the best pictures of your kid. For that, first, know your camera in and out. The more you know your camera the better pictures you can take. Learn how to pop up a flash or how to take photos in quick succession. Also, understand the photo edit features. For all this information, you may have to dig into the features of the camera.

There are shooting modes that are specific to shooting children. You need to however control the images. You need to make sure that the aperture and the shutter speed is just right to let you capture the best picture.

You should also know how to use the zoom feature that can affect the depth of the picture. The zoom feature lets you capture better photos because your child does not notice you when you are busy clicking.

Make sure that you shoot where there is good amount of light.Recognize what the good light is. Avoid those scenes where you see the light coming just behind the child. In addition, one of the key mistakes that is made by most parents is to shoot their child from an eye level. You are taller than your child, and in every photo it seems that the photo is looking down on the child.This makes your child look small. You need to adjust your height to theirs and then click the photos. This lets you get a good picture with a better background as well.

Lastly, make sure that you play with your child when you are shooting them for better pictures.

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I love candid and low-key mobile photos. Shooting with my camera phone allows me to be discreet and capture my children in the moment as they are. Most mobile cameras have enough megapixels to allow you to make decent quality prints out of your snapshots. Don’t leave all your memories on your phone.