No, I’m Not Interested In Natural Hair

My parents were born in the Dominican Republic and my mother is half Chinese. I’m one of those people who is constantly asked “What are you?” as if I’m some sort of space alien. Sometimes I wonder whether draping myself in an American flag would help, but I doubt it. I’m told I look exotic, which I think might be a back-handed compliment. I guess a person can’t look American unless one has blonde hair and blue eyes (which is funny because most of the first true Americans had neither).

Getting your hair colored in a salon can cost you a whole lot of money. It is also boring. So save yourself from this trouble and dye your hair at home. You could do the entire process all by yourself and also save a lot of money.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to dye your hair at home

  • Wash your hair first before you dye your hair
  • Pickup color that you prefer
  • Then cover yourself using a cape
  • Brush your hair well
  • Apply petroleum jelly on your ears and hairline as well as on your skin so that the color does not stain these areas
  • Use the plastic glove to start applying the color on your hair

What will you need?

You need following things to dye your hair

  • A bowl that will be used to mix the dye
  • Chair developer
  • A comb to section your hair
  • Application of the dye

It is now time to apply the dye

  • Once it is applied seta timer
  • When you hear the timer it is time to rinse your hair
  • Make use of a towel to wipe off the color from your skin

Precautions to take when rinsing your hair

Make sure that you wait until the timer rings. Use warm water to rinse your hair. Do not use shampoo now. Massage into the roots using your fingertips and keep rinsing until you see that the water is clear. Then use a conditioner for your hair.

It is important that you wait at least for an hour before you shampoo your hair. This will let the color to get totally absorbed. Then shampoo and condition your hair well.

To dry your hair let your hair dry naturally. If you are using a drier then keep it at a very low setting.

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I’m proud of my heritage but the questions are tiresome.