Ever met a model that claims she can sing? Or how about a singer who is also an actor too? If so, chances are you’ve been to New York City, where everyone has two or more jobs. We’re all actors, models, singers and/or dancers. No, Seriously. We are. The truth is though, most don’t have what it takes to really make it in a business where star-quality, talent and hard work go hand in hand–at not like Nigerian-born, London-raised, and now certified New Yorker (hence, the two or more jobs) model, singer, and songwriter, Demi Grace.

There are many people who take up two jobs, one might be their passion and the other one will be to meet the expenses and provide for your family.  You would be having a passion for photography; you will be pursuing it after your regular job. Or else you would be an online trader who is making additional money trading using bitcoin code apart from attending a regular job.  Whatever the case be, it is tough to handle two things at a time and you might feel overwhelmed at some point in time. Below mentioned are a few tips you could follow to help you in this situation.

Management of time- You need to make use of a day planner to schedule your day. If you don’t keep track of your appointments, you might miss them or arrive late. By noting it down, you will have a clear idea about where you should be and at what time.

Prepare to-do list-   You might find it difficult to remember all the things you are supposed to do whenever you are handling 2 jobs. To manage your day and the tasks well, it is best that you make a list of things you are supposed to do in that day.  As you finish performing each task, you can cross it off from the list.

Dealing with the stress- When you handle more than one job at a time it might get stressful at times, you might forget to take some time out for yourself.  It is very much important that you ensure that you get enough time to relax and reconnect with the family and friends. You need to keep aside one day in a week where you don’t perform any work. Have fun with family, see a movie, or just relax at home doing nothing.