How to Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss, Health & Wellness Goals

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You say improving your health, losing weight or getting fit is important to you. So why does it seem so hard to stay on track?

If you get in your own way when it comes to reaching your health and wellness goals, you’re not alone. The good news is you can turn that around.

Here are three simple tips to get better results fast.

Tame the Chatter. Negative self-talk isn’t going to get you to your end goal. While we all have it to a degree, you can learn to manage it. When it shows up, just counter the chatter with a powerful statement.

Defeating Statement: “I will never lose weight, so why even try?”
Empowering Statement: “I can lose weight if I put in the work to do so.”

Align your mindset with your actions. If you constantly berate yourself, you’re pretty much guaranteeing that things won’t change, right? And change can be scary.

Make it a habit of transforming negative self-talk into empowering chatter and you will become more confident and able to reach your goals.

Listen to Your Body. Take time to learn what your body likes and doesn’t like. What is good for one person may not be the right answer for you. When Greek yogurt came out, I started consuming it every day. After all, it is high in protein and low in fat and sugar. But it was wreaking havoc on my digestive system. There is nothing wrong with Greek yogurt–it just wasn’t right for my body.

Your body knows what it wants and does not want. Once you remove the foods that don’t feel good, you will be more likely to stay on track. Food journaling is a great option for identifying which foods are right and wrong for your body.

Your Network Is Precious. If there are people who are not supportive of your health goals, reduce the quantity of time you spend with them and don’t look to them as people to uplift you during your journey.

When you have cheerleaders rooting for you, you are more inclined to succeed in reaching your health goals. Surround yourself with positive energy! Look to those people who truly support you to keep you grounded.

Do you have a health goal you want to achieve? Here are some questions to get you started:

1. What is your number one health priority in the next year?
2. What would it mean in your life if you could achieve these goals?
3. What are the biggest obstacles for you in not reaching your health goals?
4. How would it benefit the people in your life if you reached your goal?
5. Are you ready for some help in reaching these goals?

I would love to hear your answers to these questions. Send your responses to (I read every single response and answer as many as time allows.)

Vanessa Cunningham is a health & lifestyle coach and dynamic speaker based in New York City. She mentors women and children in how to move from “I can’t” to a place of enthusiastic action so they can become healthier, more confident and able to take charge of their health and wellness. Trained in over 100 dietary theories, Vanessa creates customized plans for all her clients that are fun, sustainable and empower them to meet their goals. Follow her on Twitter and find her on Facebook or visit her at her website.

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