Lovers & Friends: Does Your Relationship Need a New Title?

No matter how much people claim to be individuals, we mostly follow the same patterns. Maybe a better way to phrase this is that almost everyone wants the same thing; and we all go about acquiring said goals in the same fashion. What make people different are our experiences that motivate us. Using myself as an example: When it comes to dating I want to find happiness again. When my boys and I get up and we talk about women we’re dealing with we all pretty much wind up telling the same story because we all do the same thing. I am a very shy person. However, my life experiences-particularly the last four years- made me very bold and brazen. That last sentence is the difference-maker.

Most people are scared of the word ‘change’ but change is inevitable in one’s life. You evolve as a person because of many life experiences.  The people in your life, the age, work, etc, there are many factors that contribute to change in your life.  There are some people who choose to change on their own. Of instance, if you are just tired of working the same routine job for years, you might wish for a change. There are so many alternative works one could take up and even give you a choice to work from home. You might decide to do online trading using bitcoin code to make money. Whatever the decisions you make, a change in your life pattern will also affect your personality.

There are majorly 3 reasons which make a person change.

Natural reasons- As the days pass, you evolve and it is inevitable. You are going to go through a natural change. No one will be the same person that they are today after 10 years. It will either be a positive or negative change, but either way, there’s going to be a change.

Force- In the course of life, something happens, for instance, you lose your loved ones; you are forced to change to fit into the new life without that special person in it. There will be nothing you could do about it. You just need to accept the change.

Intentional reasons- In this case, you choose to change. You might choose to lose all the excess weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. This choice is made by you and you are willingly accepting the change.