5 Strategies for Transitioning from Your Day Job to Your Side Business

 It’s a New Year!

I’m a sucker for blank slates. Whether it be cracking open a brand new notebook or opening up WordPress to compose a new blog post, the thought of starting anew is insanely invigorating for me. The start of January evokes the same feeling. With each new year comes the prospect of new opportunity, and for so many women I talk to, rebranding clients or otherwise, that includes the chance to reinvent themselves or their businesses based on where their true passion lies.

Exactly one year ago, I found myself embarking on what was quite possibly the biggest reinvention journey of my life to date: I was officially self-employed after a decade of practicing law for a private firm and the federal government. It was both a thrill and incredibly terrifying! When it came to my spirit and my sanity, the career change was 100% necessary; I was experiencing burnout at work from juggling family with career, and it was reflecting in my attitude and performance both on the job and at home – a bad look all around!

If you are planning to open up a business on your own, there are few tips one should follow while starting u something new.  Initially, when you start up something on your own, you might not be earning revenue in the first few years as expected.  You could easily earn additional income from online using automated trading robots known as BTC profit. You don’t have to spend much time to indulge in trading as the robots will do trading on your behalf. You can concentrate on opening up the business that you are planning to start.

The first thing you need to do is to absorb everything around you, listen to what the experts, friends, the family has to say to you.  Keep a note of things what others have to say to develop a detailed business plan. Also, never ignore the advice given by the veteran business owners; they know what works and what does not.

You should not let your idea to start something on your own turn into something complicated, you need to keep it simple or else it will turn out to be quite an expensive deal.

You need to factor in all the business expense that is required for the business to be launched and operated.