Justice Fergie, Guest Blogger talks Digital Leadership and Why Life is the Party

Stacey Ferguson, known as Justice Fergie in the blogosphere, is unstoppable. Simply, a digital leader in the flesh.  The former lawyer and self professed foodie, who spent a great deal of her free time blogging about balancing family and career is watching her hard work pay off.  Justice, the co-founder of the annual BeBlogalicious conference, which is a collective of minority women (and men) interested in business + media is charging full steam ahead; yes! they just completed their fourth event in September 2012 @ the Red Rock, Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  But that’s not it; her most recent blog, Life is the Party, is all about making everyday life enjoyable.  MommyNoire recently sat down with Justice Fergie to talk about creating a brand, the importance of social media.

Marketing is the process of creating, communicating and also delivering the offerings that got the value to the customers. Nowadays the purpose of social media is to build one‘s brand and increase the visibility of the brand through relationship building and communicating with potential customers.

With the continuous development in technology, there are various social networking and digital media sites that are coming up. The technological development has helped many people in many ways. There are various automatic robots that have come up which helps people to do online trading without stepping out of the house. The most popular of them is the BTC profit.

Investment in the social media is identified as the missing link that connects the business with the consumers. If you are still in dilemma whether to go for the social media marketing, then think no more.  The social media marketing helps a great deal in increasing the brand awareness. Especially the small business uses social media to get the attention of new customers.  According to various studies, around 33% of people have agreed that they identify new products, services, and brands through social media.

The social media helps in validating your brand.  When a business’s presence in social media conveys the message to the customers that their brand is very much active and is focused on communicating with their consumers, it helps in validating the brand.

In addition to all this, social media helps in increasing customer loyalty. Whenever a person receives a timely response on the social media, they would definitely recommend the brand to others.