One in three pregnant mothers will now give birth via Cesarean section. Natural birth advocates tsk at this number and spout off the related risks of C-sections (infection, blood clots, blood loss, etc). But for the millions of mothers who give birth in this fashion, hearing all of the negative conversation about C-section can make you feel inadequate and uninformed. I know, because I am one of those mothers. Both of my babies were born via C-section and to this day, I still feel pangs of regret that I did not deliver my baby “naturally”.
When pregnant with my first child, I remember making the doctors and nurses light up when I arrived for my frequently appointments. “Your pregnancy is so easy!” they would say. “You’re so lucky. Other women have a lot of difficulty carrying babies. But you’ve got it made!”

There are many reasons that the doctors will recommend the cesarean sections to expect mothers rather than going for natural childbirth. If you ever had complications in the previous pregnancy or in the current pregnancies, you will be advised to opt for elective or planned cesarean.  During your pregnancy, it is important that you stay active and be occupied. It will help in taking your mind off the pressure of pregnancy-related issues.  The best way you could keep yourself busy is by working from home and earning money. You can opt for online trading. There are various online trading platforms like Crypto Soft that can assist you with trading. Even if you are working elsewhere, you could do it as part-time work.

Reasons as to why the doctor will suggest you go for emergency or planned cesarean:

  • Your baby is in a breach or bottom-down position
  • You already had one cesarean section
  • You, baby, keeps changing the position or in a transverse position
  • You got the low-lying placenta
  • You are expecting twins
  • You got a medical condition like diabetes or heart disease
  • The growth of the baby is not normal
  • You got severe eclampsia which makes it quite dangerous to delay the childbirth

Even during the time of normal childbirth, some situations will demand an emergency cesarean to be done immediately.  The medical team will ensure that you deliver the baby on time so that you and the baby stay well.