The Best (and Worst) Parenting Advice You’ve Ever Received

Mother and DAughter

When you become a parent, it seems that everyone has something to say, good and bad. But what's the best (and worst) parenting advice you've ever heard? See what some of our readers had to say after the jump.

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  • Ashley

    I was trying very hard to breastfeed and I was very unsupported in my efforts to increase supply and stop using a supplemental line. The worst advice was: Just give that baby a bottle so you can get back to (insert school, working, ‘so I can feed baby’, etc here). It was hard enough having a low milk supply much less having everyone tell me to stop trying.

  • Ashley

    As far as best, simply the old ‘My floors are sticky and dishes are dirty but my kids are happy’ sort of thing. I didn’t want to be my grandmother who propped her children up with piillows and a bottle for feedings while she mopped, cooked, dusted, etc. I’d rather only have an hour or two to clean each day and share those special moments.

  • dakota

    The nurse who took care of me after my c section kept telling me not to hold my son so much or he’ll be spoiled. I ignored that and now, over 9 years later my son is a wonderful, sensitive, loving, empathetic little boy who still loves to snuggle and be close. I’m thankful for that…many boys his age are already in the stage where they’re embarrassed by their parents. I adore my little snuggle bug!

  • Latrell Ali Jenkins

    Best parenting advice. “Let your kid start watching BET at age 3. Remind them that the only careers worth having are gangsta rapper or NBA superstar. If all else fails, sell rocks to finance studio time.”