Transforming Your Home to an Office

woman working at home office
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So you've decided to work from home which means convenience. But it doesn't always equate efficiency.  Just because you work from home doesn't mean that the work productivity will be the same as being in an actual office. Most of the time when people work from home they are faced with more distractions resulting in less work. If you are able to work from home or have started a business from home, here are some great tips to guide you in your transition.

1.  Take off the PJs

When working from home you look forward to no more business clothes—bring on the sweats! This is a big no-no. When a woman buys a new pair of shoes she becomes more confident.  A woman wearing pajamas is more relaxed and is in the process of going to bed. This is the same thought process for your home office.  You cannot stay in your pajamas all day because you have the luxury of working from home. You should instill the same guidelines for home that apply to the office.  Dress in slacks and a nice blouse, comb your hair and add a little gloss. This will make you feel like you're ready to start the workday.

2. Set a time schedule

It’s 9:00 am and you are about to log on to the computer—the phone rings, the radio is on and the neighbor drops by.  Distractions!  This causes you to lose track of time and think, oh I’ll make it up during the evening hours. Now your time management is thrown off.  Be diligent!

3. Organize, Organize, Organize!
Work can flow more smoothly if you:

4. Make Sure Your Damily is On board with This Decision

Moms can attest that when our kids (and in some cases dad also) find out that we’re working from home they get excited. They now have mommy all day long!

Follow these few but important tips and you’ll get your office space rolling. It’s all about synergy. If you create the right environment you have a clearer mind, which allows you to focus solely on getting the job done.

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