Lisa Wu, Formerly of ROHA Talks Balancing Her Work and Career

It’s been a while since we’ve seen former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Lisa Wu. She’s actually been very busy with various projects outside of the reality show arena.

The multitasking moms are the most happening of the lot in this decade, there is a huge responsibility on women to balance both work and career aspiration. Managing high profile, Careers have taken a toll on the women folk’s health big time, as for whether managing a startup or an n established corporate operations are challenging the field of work. With all this comes, the phase where you stop having a life of your own, it becomes monotonous and absolutely tiring at times.

Tips to manage work and career

  • surround yourself with people who are good contributors, give them the independence to perform, more or less like trading online with the Bitcoin Trader, delegate and get the task accomplished wee
  • keep tracking your projects religiously, without rushing the team to complete them, have systems in control to automatically track and structure and streamline the process to have all the loopholes covered
  • mistakes happen, and learn from them, so that there is never a repetition, document the procedures so that that are not coming back into the projects again, improve and improvise the team
  • have training sessions for the team to get new automation and easy and smarter ways to finish the work on time and leave home

Try to leave home on time, and encourage the team to work productively in office hours and then go home and relax with their family. Embracing flexible working is the new way to keep the team and process happy, most of the corporate encourage timings for their employees to stay motivated by choosing their own time and get the work done. Taking frequent breaks on a stressful day at work reenergizes the zeal to be more productive.

During our conversation, I realized that she’s such an amazing woman who spent a great deal of her time managing her social and personal life in front of the cameras. But what some people fail to realize is that she’s also a very talented writer and a very down to earth individual.

Lisa Wu was gracious enough to speak with Mommynoire, while she handled some real estate business in the middle of a rain and hail storm in Atlanta, GA.