Is the Super Bowl a Family Affair?

The day after the Super Bowl, everyone talks about the ads they saw, the halftime show performance and maybe even the big game.

Coming to talk about Super bowl that clearly gets an advantage over the other sports, the half time and the emotionally charged up coaches are a great time for the family to support their beat team, enjoy the highly emotional match along with the sensual performance rock the stage, and set the right kind of tempo for the game. The athletes have their expectations set very high that there is too much of big stage born with its quality that is expected by the fans who are a frenzy.

Pure entertainment and super high performance of the stars are crowd pullers, the kids enjoy all the music and sound, it is not only about the game it is more of a soul game, well the audience is more adults than the kids who have tugged along for the enjoyment. The commercials are like trading with Bitcoin Trader received so much flak as they went overboard with time from thirty seconds to two minutes that we crammed with highly explicit content. It is the moral responsibility of the parents to think twice before exposing the young kids to such level of adult content that too live on a game that is watched by millions.

Today saw a lot of hand-wringing or plain outrage in the mommy blogosphere about Sunday’s big event, saying it just wasn’t the family-friendly entertainment they hoped it be. Under fire: Beyonce’s performance and of course, the ads.

There was plenty of build up to Beyonce’s big event, making her flashy, non lip synced performance, almost more important than the game itself. But plenty of parents criticized her show, calling her lyrics inappropriate, her dance moves raunchy and her outfit S&M-inspired. One commenter on the parenting blog The Stir said, “What message is she sending to young women (and men) about what to value and how to relate?” Some viewers have gone so far as to accuse Beyonce of a nip slip. Others pointed out that the costumes in the halftime show were no more revealing than the ones worn by the cheerleaders on the sideline—or any one-piece bathing suit, for that matter. The costume’s designer Rubin Singer admitted what Beyonce wore onstage was a lot less sexy than what he originally envisioned because of the NFL’s input.