13 Stylish Celebrity Kids to Watch

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If you think high fashion and show-stopping style are just for grown-ups, think again. Kids to famous parents or those who've become stars in their own right are inspiring the fashion world. Check out our favorite fashionable kids!

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  • ladyx

    Very cute kids… Im all for being different and everything but if Willow was my daughter she would have to look like a GIRL she stand & act like a boy.She look like a dyke to me too young sorry


      What does a dyke look like? I’m glad that Willow isn’t your daughter. She would grow up miserable like you. You had the nerve to say, “Sorry.” You d@ mn sure are. If you managed to have children and they were g.a.y, they would be on suicidal watch because of you. Now, go somewhere and grow up!

  • http://twitter.com/ninaonthemoon Carolina Gonzalez

    very cute article. pero me da no se que…

  • Helen

    Very cute kids! I’d like to think my kid will be on a list like this one day 😉

  • Sujeiry

    Great styles! They dress better than me lol.