The Look Book: 14 Natural Hairstyles of Vloggers + Bloggers We Admire

high bun

Are you a natural in a hairstyle rut? Are you so busy caring for your children and career and everything else that your hair has taken a backseat? If you've answered "yes" to either of these questions, then this one is for you. Here, we're sharing 14 natural hair styles from our favorite vloggers and bloggers that are sophisticated, versatile, and best of all, easy!  Check out our 14 top picks after the jump!

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  • thatsit

    What no prettydimples :( nice hairstyles though.

  • Iseeblu


  • Klion

    Where can you find most of these hairstyles?

  • MonaeEverett HairMUA

    I can’t wait until my vlog is featured. I hope you all check it out.

  • Chiz

    I love all these women, I watch most of them on youtube. However, I think it is interesting that this website choose to highlight women that have very similar hair textures. I hardly every see naturals being highlighted for styling super kinky, extra coily, shorter natural hair. I guess it is much harder to style such hair. Just seems like there is a whole group of us naturals out that that still don’t know what to do with our kinks. I guess we have to take one step at a time… just an observation.

    • diggy

      if you look at alicia james and naptural85’s channels you will see that their hair is kinky type four hair. the only reason it looks this way in these pictures is because its been stretched and manipulated….i watch their videos routinely and they definitely have typical afro american hair…super kinky…their hair is just long

  • randomtandem

    most of those styles were nice but some of them looked like some ole Color Purple slave shyt! I love Whitney’s hair (aka Naptural85 – page 14! she is an inspiration to natural hair growers everywhere!)


    Black women who are not trying to look like white women? That’s different.

  • india

    I love that U have this website. I had very short and kinky hair and these woman has help me a lot!!! I have follow them for three year now and learn a lot. I am a grandmother of 23 an have pass on this information they provide to my all kin which have help most of them a lot.