We keep hearing news about how toy manufacturers are thriving on the concept of gender stereotyping of the dolls. There is a surge in the number of pinks and blues in the market. But child psychologists often recommend parents to pick toys that are gender neutral. There is an increasing emphasis on the choice of a wide assortment of toys for both boys and girls. Dolls and dollhouses often come in pink and they are labeled as ‘toys for little girls’. But did you know that there are plenty of benefits to playing with dolls? There was a time when both little boys and girls owned plenty of dolls of various kinds. Only in recent times, we see this demarcation of toys meant for boys and those for girls. Here are some of the long term benefits for the kids if parents let them play with their dolls –

Social skills and better communication

Give a child a doll and observe how he or she plays with it. One thing that you would probably notice is that the kid starts talking with the dolls. Their social interaction skills tend to get better and so does their communication when they play with the dolls. And dolls make such wonderful options for kids to play when they are part of a group as well.

Empathy and responsibility

While playing with the dolls kids often engage in role play games or they make their dolls do little tasks. In their imaginative play, they learn the art of caring for someone and empathizing with someone. And when they are taking care of their dolls they also learn a sense of responsibility.

Parents get to learn about how their kids are feeling

Children often imitate their parents. They learn more from what they see rather than from what they hear. If kids have some secrets buried in themselves, things that are bothering them they might often not convey it to their parents due to several reasons. One reason could be their fear of how their parents would react and the other could be because they do not know how to express their feelings. But if you observe how a child treats his or her dolls and the type of stories the child makes up while playing with the dolls you would be able to gather plenty of cues about the child’s inner fears and feelings in general.