9 of Diana Ross and The Supremes’ Most Stylish Moments

Diana Ross

In honor of Motown: The Musical directed by Charles Rudolph-Wright, now on Broadway, let's take a look back at the style of Diana Ross and The Supremes. Fashionistas...take notice!

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  • Roger Clark

    I love this blog post, I barely see posts with Diana Ross and the supremes online, kudos to whoever though to do this, now I must go and see motown the musical on broadway! Diana is so beautiful, my mom always wnated to look like her, can’t believe she was 39 in that body suit, she is so perfect. my fav song by diana is coming out

  • Roger Clark

    picture number #4 and #5 are my favorite

  • Geeza

    Yes Diana is a diva but she is also a backstabbing, suck yo way to the top, having babies by 3 different men (one was married) whore. Folks, this is not a classy lady, this is a whoring strumpet and its high time she be recognized as such. Karma is visiting her drunk azz right too

  • imjustsaying….

    Diana Ross is truly the”BOSS”…..elegance, glamor and talent……

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    Representing for the IBTC and petite women all the way. YAAAS!

  • Anesha Johnson

    Miss Ross The Boss treated people like shit…..but she is a Legend