It’s that magical time of the year. The sun is staying out later, everything is green, and one of my favorite holidays is around the corner. I’m talking about Mother’s Day, of course.

Mothers around the world work round the clock to keep their family happy. They often ignore their own health and push their limits simply to ensure that they give the best of everything to their family. But often being a mother is the most ungrateful job. How many times do you actually acknowledge what your mother does for you? A little bit of appreciation goes a long way in lighting up a mother’s day. Mother’s Day is that day of the year when you get to leave behind all the excuses you keep making and actually do something to bring a smile on your mother’s face.

If you simply search for the ideas for Mother’s Day gifts you are sure to get a really long list. But if you are looking for ways to make that gift extra special see here for some strategies to follow. These are some questions to ask yourself and some tips to keep in mind to make sure that you pick a gift that actually impresses her. To be honest, a hug is all a mother expects. Even that simple gesture can make her day. But for that special person who does so much for you all day long buying something that would actually count is very important. Do not simply pick the gifts that are listed as the bestsellers. Know what your mother loves to do and pick a gift that she can easily connect with.

Understand your mother’s passion or find her long lost hobby. Buy her a personalized gift or even something that can save her time or reduce her efforts in the kitchen. Buy something that she can cherish, something that would tell her how much you love her.

The ultimate truth is that the type of gift or experience you choose for your mother is a personal choice. But make sure that you pick something that makes her feel special. Treat her like the queen of the house that she is and remind her that she is the core that is holding the whole family in place. Treat the special mother in your life with a little bit of luxury this year.