The Home Buying Process: Educate Yourself

homebuying process
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Just the other day my niece announced that she was buying her first home.

*CHOKE* - Immediately I wanted to rescue her from the torturous process that lay ahead. I saw the innocence in her eyes and knew she was oblivious to the task that was at hand. She was clueless as to what would be required of her in order to sign on the dotted line in exchange for the keys to her humble abode. I didn’t want to scare her, but I had to advise her on the process of home-buying, based from my past experience. Here’s what I told her and what I will share with Mommy Noire readers:

Educate Yourself - The letters FHA and HUD probably haven’t meant much to you until now, but like anything else in life, you empower yourself through education which helps to eliminate the fear of the unknown.

$$$$ - Having your finances in order is an absolute must! Don’t cut corners when it comes to this area of the home buying game. Take the time necessary to square your credit away thereby increasing your attributes as a home buying candidate.

“Deal-breakers” - It helps a great deal to have a solid outline for what you and your family need and want. Take the time to create your families must-have vs. nice-to-have list. This will save time and energy for everyone involved in what can be an intimidating process.

K.I.R. (Keep It Real) - It doesn’t make very much sense to seal the deal on a property you can’t afford. Make a smart final decision so that you and your family can enjoy the home for as long as you decide.

The Home Buying Process: Educate Yourself


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