Pregnant and Feeling Beautiful

My going home outfit from the hospital with my first daughter was an oversized grey tracksuit. It was large and the pants dragged on the floor and made me feel like an elephant, but I decided on it because I thought, as a mom, that’s what I should look like.

I learned or maybe taught myself during that pregnancy that I need not, as a mother, worry about things like beauty or acne-free skin or well-fitting pants, because it wasn’t about me anymore.

We often talk about pregnancy fashion, maternity wardrobe and other things that make women look beautiful during pregnancy. But do any of these actually make a woman feel beautiful? After all when you are pregnant feeling good and being happy is more important than how you look. It brings a glow to your face. Pregnancy automatically adds a glow to your face – you just might not have noticed it yet. I am not saying that you should not take efforts to look your best. But remember that you are raising a little baby inside your womb. That itself makes you a strong woman. Strength is a real beauty and it has always been my company during my pregnancy. So, keep that smile on your face and your chin up and walk with pride. Talk to your baby, enroll for some prenatal classes or even listen to soothing classical music. These are ways in which you can keep your mental health soaring and your baby happy as well. This is all it takes to make you look and feel beautiful all throughout your pregnancy.

When you are pregnant be it your first pregnancy or second or third it is not just about yourself it is not just about putting your makeup on to look good.

“It’s about your baby!” or that’s what the world seems to scream any time a woman dares think about herself and her desires to feel beautiful (gasp).  And I get it. When you have a baby, things change—a lot. To survive, women should plan to adjust to pregnancy, and, later, to motherhood, to stay sane and to embrace their changing identities.