15 Celebrity Moms With Banging Beach Bodies


Whether they were caught flaunting their newly toned post-baby body or proudly strutting their bump along the shore and even frolicking with their famed spawn, these celebrity moms kill it at the beach. Get some body inspiration with these fit celebs!

15 Celebrity Moms With Banging Beach Bodies

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  • http://twitter.com/labbysexy Laraba

    J-Lo’s a$$ looks nasty here.

    • SuMo

      Yeah they should have left her off if this was the only picture they had.

    • universal

      and j-lo looks scrumptious in her red two piece….yall need to stop playin….

  • universal

    wow, christina looks really good in her little two piece……..

  • fran

    Looks like this a black mom only list

    • bohemia

      Well…it is Mommy Noire….noire/noir=black

      • marshall ledford

        Black , red, purple, green, yellow, doesn’t matter their all vary nice !

        • bohemia

          Absolutely so,I do agree…but why state “Looks like a black mom only list” when you read a site targeted mostly for a black/brown demographic?….Just Common 2 cents….

          • Laurey

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    • disqus_vqY6j2L6rm

      Something wrong with that??????? We see enough whales on the beach every day. About time they show some beautiful black sisters… You need to just sit back & enjoy the view!!!!!!

    • Amber

      Gwen stefani is black?? Never knew

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  • Cerph

    NONE of them look good. Certainly not ‘bangable’.

    • Staytrue1

      When you only like little girls…grown women certaninly don’t look good to you.

      • Cerph

        When you only like cellulite and worn out faces.. you can have your grown women.

    • Desh Premi

      There is no definition of the word beauty. It just depends upon the person who looks at them.

  • cliff

    Worst picture I’ve ever seen of Beyonce

  • HonestMike

    Lopez in a variation of that silly ‘Big Momma’ fat suit. Surely…!

  • https://twitter.com/Stabster_ Rukk

    Chris Rock told the Nia Long story and my celebrity crush dissipated immediately.
    Sure she’s all broken up about that. lol

  • jonjo

    just confirms what I have always thought , in general, black women have the best bodies

  • Ozzie

    Serena & her curves, & Mel B are the best!!! I would love to see both of them naked!!

  • Venus Harris

    Please eat the right type of foods.

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  • http://wativ.com/ Samantha Jane

    Nia Long!!!

  • Jesus_Hartwell_Christ

    Um, I thought this said celebs?? Nepotism at it’s finest:/

  • Jon Morel

    why most of them are monkies. that’s really disgusting.

  • thierry

    Nicole Murphy’s bod is better than over 95 percent of women under 30.