October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. This article discusses different forms of domestic violence please read at your own emotional capacity.

Let us know in brief about the domestic violence and the different ways to stop it.

Domestic violence becomes more in the present generation due to an unhealthy relationship with the partners and they don’t have the mentality to know and understand each other with little time spending with each other in a healthy way.  There are few people who seem to be ego-centric and don’t want others to interfere in their one’s own personal issues even if it is a spouse.

Domestic violence does not mean only physical violence but also any behavioral insults or changes in the behavior with an intention to have control over the other person or spouse.  This has to be checked with effective treatment or with punishment.

Let us see some of the ways to avoid domestic violence;

First get to know the changes in the behavior or any signs indicating discouragement or any other types of abuses.      Try to be aware of the situation and you should be in such a position to handle it well.

Be informed with other too so that can help you at times or even you may help the person who is facing troubles.  Hence stay informed and have good contact with your neighbors too. Use your money to avail the freedom since it is necessary for the individual to be independent.  If dependency increases, the control over the other also starts increasing and this may lead to many personal problems like ill-treatment etc.

Also, check with your friends and family members whether they are safe or still in danger.  If anything serious, take appropriate actions in order to avoid any other serious consequences.  Be prepared so that you know better how to handle and act according to the situation well.

There are many such incidents are happening around the world and being a responsible individual, it is your duty to be aware of such incidents so that you can take remedial measures in the right way.    Check this link right here now to know better about the domestic violence cases.

TMZ releasing the video of Ray Rice knocking out his then fiancé, now wife, Janay Palmer was the catalyst for public discussions on domestic violence (DV), which can also be referred to as intimate partner violence (IPV).