Crazy Hair Colors: 16 Photos of Celebs Rocking Hues


The crazy hair colors trend has been steady rising over the past few seasons with celebrities choosing to work the brighter colors during the warm months of whenever they need a boost to their image and or buzz. To be honest, some look better than others in these colors that run the gamut of all the rainbow colors. Today, see how Beyonce rocks green hair (yes!) Amber Rose werks turquoise and Kelis in cotton candy pink.

16 Photos of Celebs Rocking Crazy Hair Colors

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  • Guest

    I do not like Rhi hair color at all. She could have worn black hair with those contacts and it would have really looked nice.

    • Smartie

      its a photoshopped photo!

    • Mia

      She looks like a villan from Captain Planet.

  • goddess8281

    I love Selena Gomez’s color!

  • Wolfe

    They photoshopped a 2009 photo of Rihanna, at the Glamour Women of the Years Awards!!