Top 14 Hip Hop Groups Of The 1990s


Considering our generation is completely obsessed with the 90's, we've decided to compile a list of 14 Hip Hop/Rap groups that has had an impact. Their style, flow and message has left a lasting impression on the culture. Take a look and don't forget to let us know your favorite hip hop/rap group!

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  • win4life

    Where’s Boot Camp & EPMD cross off kris kross & De La

    • MoneyTrainMike

      De La is there


    If they were so “Impactful”…you’d actually remember them. They ALL made forgettable GARBAGE.Such is the (general) USELESSNESS of rap / hip-hop.

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    No Gangstarr or EPMD this list = #Fail

    • dsrtradefx

      The first two I noticed were missing! Eric of EPMD’s flow elevated the game.

  • nitrodrip

    Really good groups.

  • Wash 69

    epmd came out in the 80’s u gots to chill and let it flow 88 get your decades right.
    I do agree that Gangstar should have been on the list

    • dsrtradefx

      So did Public Enemy and NWA…

  • Jonny K

    No Pharcyde?

  • OutHerSpace….

    This list is garbage how dont you have CYPRESS HILL ? Kriss Kross, kid n play and NWA have no business being on this list.

  • MoneyTrainMike

    No Mobb Deep?