Confessions: 7 of the Most Revealing R&B Songs


In the wake of Kelly Rowland's latest single "Dirty Laundry" where Rowland candidly showcases the internal warfare that transpired after watching her sister Beyonce rise to fame "post-Survivor" amongst other things. Here are 7 other R&B records that revealed shocking secrets about the artist:

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  • me

    FYI… “Resentment” is a Victoria Beckham song that Beyonce remade.

    • shanita

      that doesn’t mean it wasn’t sung to express what she was going through. (i don’t know but am just saying) either way i loved the song. she sang it beautifully. :)

    • ButterfliesNFairies

      Exactly! She wrote that after David cheated with the nanny.

  • beavchic

    What about ‘Zion’ by Lauyn Hill? No song I have ever listened to has ever been that revealing. By the way…..Whitney Houston’s ‘I didn’t know my own strength’ was written by R.Kelly

  • Guest

    I really don’t think Whitney fought the good her music, wish she could’ve kicked the habit but we cant really say that she tried to.