13 Classic Photos of Jada Pinkett Smith & 2pac


"Pac and I had a very volatile relationship all throughout. It was a trip because we’d never been romantic, to have all this passion," Jada Pinkett Smith once said. It's no secret that the obsession with Jada & Tupac's relationship remains. Their loving friendship was such a rarity, one of the Hughes brothers (filmmakers) once said that Jada was one of the only persons that could calm a fiery 2pac down. "U R the omega of my heart, the foundation 4 my conception of love," writes Tupac in a poem for Jada. Take a look at 10 classic photos of the pair:

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  • Lonnz

    Classic indeed, even though they were never a couple the pics look like two people deeply in love.

    • randomtandem

      had he lived they would have probably ended up married

    • Cynthia

      Brotherhood ;-) Love can be deeper and stronger.

  • sis

    Jada seemed more happier in these photos. I LOVE me some Pac. Rest in peace brother. They were just too cute.

    • Lonnz

      Sis, that’s what it is, Jada had a look of happiness, they looked so comfortable together.

    • Somer

      Most people look happier in pics before they were married with spoiled bratty kids. That’s life, Jada is no different

  • randomtandem

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Janet but can someone please explain to me why Jada wasn’t cast as as Justice in Poetic Justice? She embodies that role!

  • randomtandem

    lol@the pic on pg 12

  • DaisyDooks

    So, these two were classmates who had a mutually admirable, loving friendship. It was a strong one.

  • michelle

    Them were the good ole day’s!!!

  • Beanie

    They were soulmates and true friends who understood each other completely. I still get a bit misty when I see pics of them together and what should have been. The only reason Will became one of the biggest box office draws in Hollywood was because of Jada. She got him working out, meditating and told him he could do it…and he did.

  • ijs

    I dnt think jada realized how much tupac loved her. he would drop anything for her, he even said he’d give her his heart if she needed it. smh i love me some pac

  • Gem

    Love my Gemini twin and b-day buddy Pac…I always believed that if Jada and Pac had been a couple he would still be alive today. I also believe that she feels the same way and carries that in her soul. She seemed to have lost her “oomph” when he passed. Don’t get me wrong…I love me some Jada and respect the mess out of her…she’s empty without him and her children know it…RIP Pac.

  • Emma Rizzoles

    I think they would always be friends,but pac was in love with left eye.

  • missmack

    Tupac was gorgeous. His eyes said it all. That’s why they killed him. Jada ends up with the Fresh Prince SMDH

  • MrsNette

    Love me some Pac, he looks so adorable in these pictures & so at peaace.

  • DatDude1

    Not hatin’. But Jada never smiled like the way she smiled with 2pac. That was genuine love right there. No surprise Willow wrote that letter to 2pac. No surprise at all.


    a lot of people thought that they were a couple but truly they were only friends. I know that sometimes you can’t express your true feelings to a lot of people but some people do get what you are about. if you really know the meaning you would express that not everyone is out to harm you. for both of them being art students it shows that they love to make their lives living art and express the nature of how you should live, but to say that sex is the factor of the relationship then I can’t say that much. I do like his music and her movies but
    as an individual he was too strong in some cases. he could have came off a little more calm instead of being so outspoken. she is like a flower so I know that she is just the muse to his art frame work. you should just see how they play off each other.

  • db

    it looks to me that they were really just best friends who really loved each other. they got each other. some people just dont understand a true friendship one that is a mutual loving respectful relationship .