How A Natural Hair Mompreneur Turned Feeling Ugly Into A Beautiful Business

Self-love lesson: How to be a natural hair mom and mompreneur in self-love

Visually striking with her waist length locs and cocoa skin, Adana Collins has a powerful testimony to share in creating her self-love business. Coming from Guyana in the 1980s, she felt insecure about her gorgeous skin color, “accent,” and hair.

Nowadays, the number of women entrepreneurs has increased as they would like to prove themselves in front of society and want to stand independently. This is really very good to hear and I could say many womenfolk get motivated when they have a chance to meet those powerful entrepreneurs.

The ladies involve themselves in something they are very much interested like play schools, tuition centers, beauty parlors and much more. They are ready to give out their whole energy to bring up their business to the higher level and to gloss like stars in life.

Many of us have a thought that without beauty nothing can be achieved in life. But there is zero percent truth in it. Beauty and successful life never have a relationship. We could have seen many great and eminent business persons are somewhat ugly. But the achievement they did is very high which is very difficult for us to assume.

Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. So, never ever resist and control yourself inside a circle and try to come out of it to reach greater heights.

If you feel very disgusting about your future goals, you can better read the biography of the legendary persons and learn more about the struggles and hurdles they have faced to achieve this fame. We must take lessons from their lives and move on further by overcoming all the hazards and failures. Failure is the stepping stone for success and so it is always better not to care about the loss.

Every one of us must cross many phases in life before reaching our main targeted goal. So, keep on aiming your goal and never give your hear to anyone’s filthy words. One day you too can attain an honorable position in this society.

Fast forward to today, where the mogul-in-the-making is proudly shining as the mother of two sons with her own empowerment business. Now, she makes other women feel beautiful with her company Lovable Treasures that focuses on empowering women, particularly those with natural hair.