Stunning: 11 of Ciara’s Hottest Red Carpet Looks


One thing we can't deny about Ciara is how stunning she is on the red carpet. Take a look at some of Cici's hottest moments!

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  • cantstandsher

    She is absolutely gorgeous! That dress on page 8 is stunning. She’s so d@mn fine. Luvz me some Ci-ci.

  • 21st century boy

    She is so hot remember when everyone taught she was a man…

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    Weren’t people calling her Ci-Error for no reason just a few
    months ago? This is why I don’t mess with idiots. When you’re down,
    they like to kick you, but when you’re riding high, they’re kissing
    tail. Ciara has always been my girl and one of the most talented
    dancers in the world GO CIARA! Fthe haters!

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