Man Crush Monday: 11 Most Stylish Rappers


Today an MC's personal style is almost as important as his lyrical flow. Often many are remembered just as much for signature outfits (who could forget Diddy's skirt/kilt?) as they are for their talents. Today, we salute 10 of those fab rappers who can rock both a mic and a swaggerific outfit! we're loving some for their suited up style, other for their ability to rock it relaxed, and then those who have their own unique take on fashion always catch our eyes. Which is your favorite? Get it fellas!

Man Crush Monday: 10 of Today's Most Stylish Rappers

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  • Bottom Line

    Nas – definitely
    Drake – maybe
    Common – everyday and TWICE on tuesdays!

  • Krissy

    Luv me some NAS.