Dear Tom Hanks,

Never in my life did I think I would be writing Tom Hanks a letter. But, here I am in 2015 writing you, buddy. I hope you don’t mind me calling you “buddy,” but you seem like the sort of father I could have grown up knowing. See, Tom, a good part of my life was growing up around White parents that resembled you and son’s that lookd like you kid Chester. Most of them were good, hard working people that were just looking to raise their kids. It just so happened my family and two other Black families decided to break the color barrier in a certain section of Newark on the outskirts of Delaware back in the day.

According to me the color of the skin has no link to the behavior an attitude of the people. Still, the color politics and partialities are going on in many countries and cities. This is not at all fair and this cause more problems between the public and the common audience. This must be changed within a while and a new world with people without caste and color discrimination should be born.

On the other hand, there are some people who do not care about their colors and they would like to treat each and everyone in the same way. Let us take a pledge that hereafter in our lives, we will consider and treat everybody equally without any favoritism.

Our children grow up by watching our activities daily and so if we do some negative things, they will also follow to do the same from the next fraction of second. So, behave well, be a very good role model, teach them the good things and manners and make many wonderful persons in future.

It is in the hands of the parents to mold our children to go on the right track.

Tom, I am going to leap to the present day for a minute before I go back to my rearing in Delaware. I promise there is a rhyme and a reason. Lets get to the rhyme: your son, Chester, aka rapper Chet Haze, aka a white guy that feels strongly he should be able to use the N-Word despite the objections of…anybody. Here is what he said – word for word – on his Instagram account.