Queen Bee: 10 Innovative Looks From Lil Kim


Pint-sized Kimberly Denise Jones otherwise known as Lil Kim never let viewers down on the red carpet. She's an unpredictable innovative style icon. She came on the scene in the early 90's as The Notorious B.I.G's protege with sexually suggestive and in-your-face  lyrics. Simply put, Jones is unforgettable. Her style never seemed contrived, always natural. Take a look at some of her most innovative looks!

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  • johnnybebad

    Lil Kim was so fine, but not anymore…

  • 1killabee

    The best to ever do it!!! Slay Queen. <3

  • Frankly

    Yes she messed up her face because biggie and most rappers arent into chocolate. So now she looks like a latino male trying to become transgender.

  • the guest

    On the real Nikki did bite Kim’s swag and took it to the next level. Kim is a pioneer and they don’t always get the glory. But Nikki could never rip the mic like Kim, never.

  • A

    Lil’ Kim is the best to ever do it! Love her always
    She is beyond iconic

  • Nonya

    Wow. Why did Kim do all that MESS to her face and body?? She looked just FINE the way she was. Sad though.

  • BlackBarbie627

    Queen-Mother of Rap !
    Kim truly paved the way and cared a new lane for black females in the industry aswell as the world, she deserves posts like this ! she’s just did KIM ! and was HERSELF.
    and that makes a LEGEND