Blue Ivy Carter: 17 Candid Moments With Mom and Dad


The only baby that is more celebrated than Blue-Ivy Carter is the upcoming bursting of Kim and Kanye's bump, other than that, she rules them all! Check out 17 moments with Blue, Bey and Hov. Yea!

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  • HeyNow

    Jay seems more connected with the baby than bey..she’s always holding that poor child like a sack of potatoes

  • Seiko

    Why is it that Beyonce is always old Blue like she can’t wait to pass her off to somebody else?! I’ve always noticed that since they started showing her face its almost like Beyonce isn’t interested. But Jay has always held his baby so close. Like a father should.

  • tracy

    Baby Blue Ivy Is Adorable…

  • Ashawn Lea

    Awwww Blue is so beautiful. Beyonce has such a special bond with her. I love seeing her with Blue. So sweet.

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