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Every one of us would have experienced the intense feeling to love and be loved. Love is just another form of dedication, compassion, and passion. Love is an incredible, magical feeling. Love gives the courage and determination to conquer anything. True love means accepting a person’s imperfections too. Love exists among every species in the universe. The love between a husband and wife is essential for a successful, happy married life. Love can be expressed even in small gestures like a warm hug, an unexpected kiss, a surprise gift, a gentle massage, a little assistance in household chores and so on.

In life, which is full of ups and downs, challenges and stress, love come as a fairy tale? Love makes the monotonous life interesting. People in love strive hard for the betterment, as love is an excellent source of motivation. But, unfortunately, as years pass, the love between the husband and wife fade off due to various reasons. At times, they feel their marriage is ok, but not great. This is quite alarming and needs to be addressed. There are many possible ways to revive the love in a relationship.

  • Sex is inevitable for a successful marriage relationship. After kids, the sex drive diminishes. So, make sure that you have physical relationships on a regular basis to build your relationship.
  • Open up and speak out. No matter what, spend at least 30 minutes together and converse things apart from family and work. It definitely paves way for the reconnection.
  • Bring back the fun elements in life. Go for dates, dress up to impress each other.
  • Appreciation is important as it gives a good feel and imparts positivity. Praise your spouse for every small thing and the effort they put on for you.
  • Rewind your love story, like how you met, your first kiss, your wedding. Recreate the adorable moments you went through.

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“Any happiness you get you’ve got to make yourself.” -Alice Walker